Saturday, May 24, 2014

End of the Day Reflection #1

To truly set something into my head, it's best if somehow writing is involved.  My words, the process of finding them, a the method of communicating them through writing lets me reinforce my energy and sort through the haze to find the most basic truths.  So...I'm going to try to take the time to reflect more intently on the little pieces of each day.

I have to live today focused on what I can give Him, how I can serve Him, and how I can help Us build Our tomorrow. 

What I gave Him today:

  • His submissive...worked hard to focus her attention on a positive mindset, and I apologized almost immediately when my struggle got the best of me.  This helped us both be Our best today so that we are able to do whatever we can to build Our tomorrow.
  • Alfred...gave another chapter of edits and suggested revisions/ideas; a top-notch graphic to promote His latest interview.  Both are pieces that will help build Our tomorrow.
  • Alfred...shared with Him positive feedback from her small network. Good, strong, positive energy for us both.
  • His pleasantly sore from working out to be as healthy and fit as I can for Him.  This will help me be better, stronger, faster in the long run so that I can do.
  • His pet...scrabbled in her suitcase to find something pretty to wear for Him.  Hopefully that gave Him pleasure and made His day a little bit brighter.
  • His property...continued to give up control and allowed Him to make decision about my habits.
I have to focus on what He gives me today and the steps forward He takes that lead Us toward Our tomorrow. 

What He gave me today:

  • My Daddy sent me an adorable picture of himself that made me giggle and damn near bounce on my toes.  Okay...I think I actually did a little.  lol  ~sigh~ I love when He brings me joy. It helps me relax and bask in His sunshine.
  • My Owner had His pet dress pretty for Him.  I felt desired and appreciated.
  • My M shared with me another fascinating story idea, a great blog post to read, another round of edits for a chapter.  All steps to take Us into tomorrow, but those also give me pride in Him and feel honored that He values my opinion.
  • My Man called a couple of times simply to share His excitement about something with His woman.  I am honored that He reaches for me first.  I feel treasured and cherished and important to Him.
  • My Daddy teased and played with me.
Today we were moving in the right direction a little faster than usual. :-)

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