Saturday, January 18, 2014

Real Life Stalkers & Nosy Folks

The theme lately seems to be a recurring one in my life - being stalked by people on the fringe of my...personal real-life circle.  You know...those people who have nothing better to do that to track you down and sift through whatever breadcrumbs you've left to discover something they haven't been told and then never acknowledge that they are your biggest fan? Ahhhhh voyeur?  Ahhhhhh stalker? found something posted on the internet!  Mustabeen a HUGE secret, huh.  After all I do push my posts on social media.  ~eye roll~ lol silly, silly fools.

You're intent (to dig through people's lives while lurking like a cockroach in the shadows) and the "never acknowledge" part is what makes you fucked up.  Seriously fucked up.  There's something ugly and petty and childish about you in your soul that you can't redeem or free yourself from.  You're a slave to it.  Compelled to find details you haven't, nor could you ever, earn.  I'd feel bad except I really don't give a're merely a cockroach hiding in the dark afraid to get stepped on and crushed by my shoe.

But here's a few things my stalkers should know...
  1. I know you're there.
  2. I - with M's blessing and encouragement - have allowed the "breadcrumbs" you followed to exist.  
  3. You see...neither he nor I have a thing to hide.  We are proud of our love, our relationship, and our kinky, sexy, smoking hot, passionate dynamic.  ~sigh~ ;-)
  4. Your moral judgement means nothing to me. LOL Nothing.
  5. If you try to fuck with M or my relationship with M, I will fucking seek out to destroy you through any fucking means necessary.  Don't doubt this one.  Seriously.  You have never seen the vicious bitch I can be.
If you mean no harm and either A. are interested in kink or D/s dynamics or B. enjoy my writing, then why haven't you reached out to say something?  Left a comment?  Or in some way, shape, or form acknowledge your repeat visits?  Hmmmm...yeah, there it's because you feel inside you that you've done something wrong.  Gotta love that inner voice in our gut that tells us when we're fucking up, don't ya?

And if you're one of my kids, who are way, way, WAY old enough to know the feelings in you at least make a little more sense now?  When you're brave enough, give me a call...we can chat.

a very proud submissive, pet, and whore to my M,

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  1. some people these days. they just have no respect for anyone else, right? ;)