Friday, January 31, 2014

2014, M, Dreams & NYC

2014 has taken off with such clear focus and immense momentum that at times I'm left dizzy.  M and I have our direction and are working extremely hard to accomplish our goals: to see him published and for me to relocate to NYC.  We have found an amazing and powerful team in each other, and together we have more momentum and reach then we do individually or even dreamed possible.

Today is an anniversary of sorts. January 30, 2012, two years ago, I reached out to the Man behind a short paragraph of insightful warm words.  Instantly, I was drawn to Him, but never expected all that has come from that moment.  So many of the pieces of us lined up perfectly. Within a handful of months and countless hours of shared words, laughter, tears, dreams, debates, and memories, we were in love and involved in a deep, stunning, beautiful D/s relationship.  Both that love and our dynamic have continued to evolve, grow, and deepen with every passing day.

I often marvel (lol) at the shift my life has taken in the last two years.  I've never been happier or more at peace.  Through the best of times and the worst, we have leaned on each other and grown more and more as a couple.  We've brought out the very best in each other in so many ways and tempered the worst as well learning to work through our struggles.  Our lives have entwined tightly in ways neither of us two years ago would have imagined as we've found in each other what we had always been searching for in a partner and love.

As my Owner's pet at His feet, I have found where I belong.

As my Daddy's babygirl in His arms, I have found were I belong

As my Man's woman by His side, I have found where I belong.

In every way imaginable I am His.

I love and am in love with that Man more than I can ever possibly explain.  I can no longer imagine my life without Him.  He told me it would happen, but I didn't understand at the time.  I have transformed.  He's claimed and leashed this lioness as His own, and I have worked hard to evolve into a better me for us.  I've stepped outside of every one of my comfort zones.  I've shed or am shredding all the defenses I've ever held up to the world and let Him in where no one has ever been allowed so see or touch, let alone take up residence.  I no longer have shoeboxes.  The last of them fell away with the New Year, and now I've held Him up to every man, woman, and child in my life as my priority and my heart.  I have given Him everything I have, and yet each day I wake up to begin again with M as my Alpha and Omega and pour myself into our today and our tomorrow. I'm still learning.  I'm still growing.  Under His guidance and nurturing, I'm still transforming.

But the best part is is that I am not alone in my efforts.  Time and time again M has given me incredible gifts of Himself to His pet.  I've never been so well respected or cherished or nurtured or protected.  Just as I have, He's given me pieces no one else has access to or ever earned the privilege to see.

Even after two years, He still renders me speechless.  "I am never letting you go." "There is nothing else more important than what we are doing together right here and now." "You've won it all. Nothing and no one holds a candle to you." "No...I very much have a plan when it comes to you." ~whimper~ He is my everything.

This year will change our lives and bring us even closer together.  I've never held this kind of hope and enthusiasm for tomorrow, but as His I've learned that the wonder and magic of life is very possible.

Since M has entered my life, I look forward to every day and our future together, but in 2014 I look forward so much more - to making our dreams a reality and creating a home in NYC where we can thrive. :-)

Happy Anniversary, Daddy. I love you, M. My heart is yours. My leash is forever in your hand. I am simply Yours.

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