Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Primal Bitch

Do you ever feel like you're walking in two worlds at once? A polite smile on your face or diligently going about work while at the same time the other dark barely rational side of your brain is racing through an onslaught of needs and cravings that makes most porn seem like a fucking Disney flick? Yeah...that's been me most of today.

Under my calm exterior, my dark wicked primal beast is pacing her cage like a bitch in heat.  I am craving pure cruel sin like a rabid wild animal. Primal nasty sexual lust is building behind my internal "be calm" dam, when really all I want to do is to pull off my clothes, crouch down, spread my thick thighs and piss in the god damn snow for him then shove four fingers up M's cunt and growl with unrestrained need as he pisses all over me.  Yeah...this lust is raw and uncensored and fucking twisted.  I don't want pretty. I crave that dark dark vicious place that lives in the shadows between M and I. 

I need beat.  Not a tame beating. I want punched, kicked, smacked around like a rag doll until I'm bruised and bleeding. I crave dark sexual humiliation and violence. To be forced to hump His beautiful fucking boots then made to lick them up like its my last meal. I want to lay spread eagle and feel the hard unforgiving tread of those fucking boots on my sloppy wet slit and ride that harsh surface until I squirt like a porn star. I need raped with that bat M has hanging in the closet for me. I need dragged around by hair and bound to suffer simply for M's twisted sick pleasure. 

I need to be His slut and whore. His fuck doll. His toy. His plaything. His fucking victim. 

I don't care who sees. I don't give a fuck who knows. The only thing I crave is being brutal put unquestionably in my fucking place. 

But all that just silently and politely stews in the back of my mind as I calmly make dinner. Anyone hungry? lol ;-)

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