Thursday, September 5, 2013

Slutty Symptoms

Do the rest of you sluts ever have moments where you realize, "Wow...I really just can't help it.  I am naturally just a slut." even in the most subtle ways?  Yes, yes..we all love to choke on our Men's beautiful dicks.  Yes, yes...we'll pull up our skirts where ever and when ever He desires.  Nope...we never get enough of Him.  Nope...panties are not required.  lol  Those hallmarks of our sluttiness  - while they are some of the pride and joy we take in our endeavors - are not what I'm referring to in in this post.  I'm talking about things you may not realize you do but are truly tied to that slut always seeking satisfaction.  For example...

I realized yesterday that I can't keep my legs closed without serious conscious thought and effort.  I had no flippin' idea it was that hard!!!  While at work, I went through my standard protocol for permission from M.  He told me "No" this time and that I had to "wait" which of course being a little tug on my leash rendered me a a bit needy (AKA damp) as usual, so I asked permission to spread my legs wide and push my aching cunt onto my office chair.  Again, he told me no and then proceeded to order me to keep them tightly closed. 

Holy crap that was difficult if not damn near impossible!  The weird feeling I had when I did it initially didn't quite register.  I simply obeyed.  Then I proceeded to get back to work, but every time I would relax, my legs would naturally spread.  I'd close and tighten up again.  Over and over and over this happened.  The outside of my thighs literally began to ache from the position!  

Now I could excuse this phenomena by saying that my long ass legs don't fit well under most desks and tables.  I could blame that I'm lucky enough to be able to wear jeans at work.  I could point out that I have a private office which allows me a bit more latitude.  However none of those reasons would explain away that as I would relax I would also arch my back and shift my posture so that my pussy would be in direct contact with the friction of the chair.  The same damn thing happened today even without any M-related encouragement/mindfuck.  Even unexcited with my mind focused on the daily grind of work, I would naturally always shift into a position of direct cunt contact.  It seems those fat lips and tight little clit are always looking for pleasure...oh I meant...pressure!

My slutty symptoms would definitely fail me in a Ms. Proper Manners class.  Emily Post would likely take a ruler to me!  And not the good kind.  Hehehe

Now let me at least say that I can keep my legs close if I can cross my legs.  But again, with my long limbs that's nearly impossible under a desk or chair.  ~sigh~  What's a slut to do?

So I'm going to try to pay attention to any other slutty symptoms I may unconsciously do.  

My slutty friends, anything I should watch out for?  

Dom/Master/Owners, any other behaviors you pick up on that may indicate a natural slut?

M's Slut,


  1. Lol i loved reading that i sometimes find myself doing that kinda thing iam very sexual person and master and thoughts can get me aka damp to