Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Celebration of My Curves

Ya know what...I am o-fuckin'-k with my woman-ness.  When I have the opportunity...

Yes, I accentuate my assets.

My heavy DD tits. 
My curved waist. 
My fat plump ass.
My long thick legs.

Mine. Mine. Mine.
My pieces and parts.
That allow me to mark.
That F box.

I am a woman.

I am the shape, size, texture that I am.
Lush, sensual, sexual.
A ripe juicy peach to devour.
My nectar quenches His thirst.

I am a woman a Man can feast from.

I celebrate my curves.
Without fucking shame.
With no embarrassment.
I am proud of my dips and hills.

A v-neck.
Those tight hugging jeans.
A top that clings.
That dress that teases.

I am a woman.
His woman.

A mother.
An insatiable sexual vixen.
Her daughter.
His soft spot to land.

I am a goddess who serves her Man.

I will not hide my tits, my ass or my fullness.
To make anyone comfortable.
I will not conceal my PG exhibitionism.
And make myself less so others can swallow.

Fuck that.

My bursting breasts.
The shake of my ass.
A curve that begs to be gripped.
Flesh and bone feminity.

I am a WOMAN.

Others may catch a glimpse of my soul.
I don't fucking care.
My shape hints at truths untold.
That they will never experience.

I do woman things.
Suck and swallow His hard cock.
Spread my thick thighs for His sadistic entertainment.
Get on all fours to offer Him my holes.

I drool and pant and squirt.
Submit and surrender.
Cry out in passion and pain.
I want Him to ravish my quivering body.

I am THAT woman.

And I fucking love her.