Monday, September 23, 2013

My Truth

For so long, all I knew was struggle and the fight.  Somehow, I've been blessed.  So very blessed.  Because with Him I can shed my heavy armor and lay down my battered weapons.  I don't have to be armed to the hilt or ready to defend and protect.  With Him...I can simply be.  Curled at His feet more vulnerable than ever before, I find a peace, a contentment, a rightness so strong in His Dominance, my submission and our fierce love.

With His patience and firm grip as my guide, I had to find the courage and the faith to submit completely to Him.  I gave Him my mind, my body, and my heart.  In the end, I gave to Him my soul.  Old habits vanquished.  Demons destroyed.  I had to fight the last battles with myself to find myself within His shadow where I am protected, nurtured, and cherished.  My submission to M gives me a freedom I've never felt.  To serve.  To please.  To give.  Him.  Without defense or fear.  I am His.

Together we find balance - our Harmony.  Together we celebrate our joys and victories as well as fight through our struggles and challenges.  No Man has ever held my hand so tight and made me feel so safe.  He is where I belong.  Ever at His side.  Together...we can tackle anything and come out stronger.  I believe in Him.  I believe in myself.  I believe in us.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.


  1. Exactly what we all strive to have and find. Without a doubt this is what it is all about! Very nice!


  2. @DV: Thank you soooo very much for the words of encouragement! :-)