Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dark Souls

How Dark,
Might we indulge?

Not become.
For Dark is what we are.

Tears and laughter.
Our symphony on the wind.

Will You stalk my blackest shadows?
And toy with my twisted fantasies.
As I beg.
Cling humbly to You.
Broken and battered at your feet.

Will You drag me into Your inky sin?
And taste my salty tears.
As You destroy what you love.
And feed our primal and brutal hungers.
Even the darkest not spoken.

Seize without mercy Your cherished victim.
Meld our passion to make us whole.
And set free our twisted souls.

Will You fuck me to destruction?
And devour my screams.
Bound, gagged, and helpless.
By Your vicious need.

Will You crush me beneath Your will?
Will You unleash Your greedy fury?
Will You lead me where the light does not fucking reach?
Let us gorge on our brutal lust.

Cruelest pain transformed to undeniable pleasure.
As sadism licks and lashes.

A matched pair in dark harmony.
Pure within our sweet vicious madness.

Yes…just how Dark,
Might we indulge?

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