Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When He...

I love to make him hard.
To see him long and thick for me.
As I whisper all of the nasty whorish tricks he craves from me.

My mouth serving.
My cunt begging.
My ass swallowing.

He was hard and ready for me.
In a public parking lot yesterday.

So naughty.
So fucking sexy.

Yes. Baby...take it out for me.
Show me that fat, beautiful dick of yours.

I love it when he strokes himself for me.
After he watches me squirt streams on the camera.
After I text him how much I want to slip my tongue in his tight ass as I stroke him.

I love to listen to him beat his throbbing cock in his office.
Like he just did.

His dick pulsing with need for his Domina.
His nuts aching for the sweet release I give him.

Yes, Baby...give it to me.  Take it nice and deep for me.

I love to see his cum spill from his thick juicy head for me.
Hear his groans of pleasure and release.

On camera.
People only yards away.

But he needs and wants his whore. naughty.
So fucking good.

Yes, Baby...cum for me.  Let me have that sweet, hot cream.
~A Hungry Lioness

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