Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Accept

Nothing to say.
Nothing to give.
Simply empty.

His hand.

Slides up my thigh.
To do what I can not.

To make me feel.
To make me breathe.
To make me feel alive.

A tease.
A touch.
A stroke.

I stop thinking.
I stop considering.
I stop wondering.

I accept.

But for the echo of a slick caress.
But for a catch in my breath as I respond.

To feel.
To breathe.
To be alive.

He lays next to me.
Pulls me close.
Shelters me beneath his embrace.

I accept.

His heat melts my chill.
His strength I surrender to.
His gentleness comforts my soul.

His lips scatter butterfly kisses.
His fingers dance between my thighs.
He slowly nurtures my desire.

My response thickens.
I moan.
I arch.

I accept.

His tempo speeds.
His embrace tightens.
This is his to command.

I cling to him.
I beg him.
I surrender to him.

I lose myself to him.
My passion floods his hand.
My cries echo in the night.

He pulls me closer.
His lips hovering over mine.
My tears slide down.

The first words.
The only words.
The last words.

He whispers...

"You're mine."

I accept.
~A Wounded Kat

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