Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wet Heat

As they have for so long, my thoughts drifted to him.
To us.
To the unrestrained moments that could have been.
To the breathtaking moments we did share.

I could see him.
I could smell him.
I could taste him.
I could hear him.
I could feel him.

I saw his eyes fill with passion and fire.
His body bare to my touch.
His dick hard and ready for me.

His scent filled my nostrils.
His neck.
His chest.
The sexy musk smell of his dick and nuts.

The taste of him exploding on my tongue.
His full firm lips.
His strong demanding tongue.
His sweet earlobes.
His smooth skin.
His begging nipples.
His long, powerful fingers.
His thick hard greedy dick.

I heard his voice.
A kaleidoscope of tones.
A harsh demand to Thais.
A warning in our battles.
A whisper to Katherine.
A plea for more from his Domina.
A shout.
A cry of pleasure so profound he would finally abandon all his restraint.

The feel of him.
So many ways.
As I submitted.
As I controlled.
As we fought each other in heated passion.

Fragmented pieces of what could have been and what was.
I closed my eyes and experienced it all.
My fingers a poor substitute for his touch.

My passion rose.
A sudden spike.
The quick, harsh release only he inspires.

And the wet, heat.
Of my tears as they slide from my eyes and soaked my pillow.
~A Kitten Licking Her Wounds

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