Thursday, December 5, 2013

His Promise

He held my naked body in His arms.
I draped Him in my softness and devotion.
Unhurried, we drank our fill of one another.
And drank some more.
His long strokes down my frame and across my pliant limbs.
I whimpered at His heated touch.
Soaked in every bit of our friction like a thirsty pup.
Every moment.
Every breath.
A sip from the seductive cup of submission.
I was drunk off His slow deliberate affection.

My womb wept tears across my thighs.
Silently waiting.
I kissed.
His deep hums were my symphony.
I paid homage to His beautiful Black skin.
His warm chest the soft blanket I nuzzled.
That soft thick fur my oasis.
The only reality that mattered.

His hand crept up to grip the back of my neck.
Somehow He pulled me closer into Him.
My cells rubbed into His to tangle and blend.
The scent of Him sank into my spirit to capture me fully.
His hand gripped my neck with all the strength He had.
In a quiet rumble, tucked away from the world for a moment.
M gave me His promise with the strongest of words.
And He brought me as always to my knees.

You're Mine.
You Belong to Me.
And I Am Never.
Do you understand?

His grip shook me slightly as He waited.
Tears flooded and bled into those dark curly strands that caressed my cheek.
My submission plunged to new depths and I trembled.
Surrounded by Him I fell further in love.
With this Man that I adore beyond words.
On a broken gasp, I answered My Owner the only way I could.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, I understand.
Sealing my fate even further.
My soul more exposed than ever.

Curled into His chest.
Utterly vulnerable.
Cherished and protected.
My place.
Within His arms.
My destiny.
I am and forevermore M's.
His love.
His pet.

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