Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking News

The Breaking News broke my heart.  My hope - that this country could finally deliver justice even after it couldn't protect - broke into a thousand splintered pieces.  Again and again, this great place fails me.

Again and again...this land has failed you.
Failed your mother.
Failed your father
Fail your grandfather.
Failed your ancestors.
Failed your people.


His death.
His injustice.

He represented you in your youth.  He was the story your mother always feared.  The one she still fears.  He became the son, the brother, the grandson, the friend, the men.  He was a symbol of every danger and risk a Black Man endures as He leaves His home, goes to church or work or the store, as He takes a breath.  And I am fucking terrified.

They fear you without knowing your endless compassion and protective nature.  They hate you without realizing how that the beautiful, creative mind you have can entertain and delight.  They hunt you without caring how very much you are loved, cherished, and respected.  They would destroy you without thought to the honorable and wise Man that you are.

Every day the truth of this is reinforced, and I hear your pain.  I see your frustration and disappointment at a social system that continues to erode.  I feel the anger that pulses through your soul at the injustice, the cruelty, and the violence that plaques your community.

I hurt for you.  I am frustrated at this senseless fight.  I am furious with society.

And I have never felt more helpless in my life.

I have no words to say that will comfort.  Nothing I say will change anything.  I want to scream my rage at the top of my lungs.  This must stop.  This must end.  Yet the blood of millions stains the field before me, and my words are meaningless in the face of their sacrifice and scars.

I want so very much to change the world for you, with you.  Yes...this very white-skinned, middle aged woman.  The epitome of those who unjustly wield their undeserved might to destroy you and your people.  I want to stain my skin because I feel I somehow carry the guilt of the sins those who look like me have committed.

What do I do?  What can I say?  How can I help you?  You.  My beautiful Black King.  How do I protect you?  Keep you safe?  You.  My Love, my Daddy, my amazing and honorable Man.

I would kill anyone that would harm you.  With a knife, a sword, a bullet, my bare fucking hands...I would protect you with my last breath.  Today, I am more afraid than I have ever been of their hate of you and their blindness at your tremendous value.  I am terrified that I will somehow lose you to this evil thing that eats endlessly away at our society.

Yet as I look past my anger and fear, I find the simplest of truths to what I should do and how I can help.

I stand with you.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Always.  I am at your side.  To support in any way possible and encourage all that you can achieve and accomplish.  To help you succeed and triumph despite the odds. To guard and protect you as best I can.  To love you unwaveringly through good and bad days.  To always be that one place you can find peace, harmony, and hope when you are weary.

We.  You and I.  Are a flicker of hope.  Those like us - the interracial couples who blend with love white, yellow, brown, and black and who stand tall and proud together - are each a flicker of hope that refuses to fade.  The love each of us have for their partner, for their beautiful children, for their amazing extended families proves the possibility of peace and love and unity.

Regardless of the breaking news of yesterday, today, or tomorrow, the evil and injustice of racism continues to loose ground slowly and surely in the face of that kind of love, acceptance, and fortitude.  No, it will likely never be eradicated, but the silent story of interracial love, families, and friendships are a sea of flickering hope that will work in tandem with the larger efforts of politics, media, and society to slowly instill change.

To my beautiful, strong Black Man...I stand with you.  Just as you are my fighter at my side in life's battles, so am I yours.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Always.

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