Sunday, July 14, 2013


Fuck.  He'd never so thoroughly destroyed me.  

When He clasped the back of my neck, I almost dropped everything in my hands.  Lust swam through my viens and made me dizzy with need.  His orders were simple and to the point.

Stripped.  Naked.  Obedient.  My hands against the wall.  My ass arched to receive.  He harshly grabbed and kneaded my heavy breasts.  He pinched my nipples until I whimpered at the hot pain that lanced my mind.  He would not be gentle tonight.  He would not be easy.  I didn't want either.  I needed His darkness.

My legs spread.  My cunt beginning to drip.  He raked His long fingers through my heavy folds and plunged into His fuckhole.  His.  Completely fucking His.  I no longer could find the pleasure I once knew in myself.  My cunt was His property and responded only to Him.  As His fingers dug inside me my body responded to its Owner's demand.  Slick wet heat that I could no longer inspire when I touched myself flowed effortlessly for Him.  It lubricated my hole and coated His probing fingers.  He forced me to my first orgasm.  Demanded it.  My body gave.

I wonder how he felt knowing only He could inspire such lust and need?  Did it please Him how well fucking trained I was?  Did my body's instinctual response sate some dark primitive need in His soul?

With my first minor orgasm out of the way, He moved on to the main course.  I didn't know what He had planned.  I never do.  I simply hold on and follow His lead.  That night, He unleashed on me a blessed torrent of sweet dark pain that seemed endless.  He gave me no mercy and intentionally drove me with a relentlessness I wasn't expecting.  I don't remember the order He used His tools.  I don't remember how long.  I simply endured the beautiful misery that only a sadist and masochist can understand.

He beat me.  My ass.  My thighs.  My back.  Again and again.  The flogger licked my skin in hot vicious bites.  That fucking spatula broke across my body in a burst of fire.  His belt wailed across me.  His firm hand pounded at me.  I held still obediently.  I naughtily shied away from some of the pain.  I was a greedy pet and arched higher, again and again begging with my fat ass for more of His dark cruelty.  I was a damn mess bouncing between controlled submission and unrestrained fear and need of more.  I didn't know from one moment to the next what was coming or how I would respond.  I surrendered to the feeling of being wanted.  I gave in to our darkness.

How did it feel to unleash on me?  What did He think as His pet whimpered and cried out?  What did He feel as He watched me jump away from the pain and then helplessly seek out more?  What must He feel to know how fucking much I needed Him?

And I came.  I don't remember when or how often.  He drove into me intermittently and crudely forced His meat to take His entry.  All I do clearly remember is the repetitive sound of my gushing releases pouring onto the floor and pooling between my spread feet.  At times simply the overwhelming pleasure of pain pushed me over the edge.  Other times it was the intimacy and pressure of Him in my hole where I could not in any way hide my desire.  My thighs were splashed with my juice as I bent my knees and ground out my hot lust like a dog.  The streams of cum seemed endless.  I vaguely remember His dark satisfaction that I came for Him like a fucking slut.  I was humiliated to be so transparent.  I also didn't give a fuck.  I just wanted more.  More.  More.

Of Him.  Of This.  Of Us.

He gave.  The pain.  The pleasure.  I took.  I would have stood there forever and devoured ever drop of darkness He fed me.  He knew before I did where He was taking me.  Closer and closer He moved toward me even as He continued to torment me.  He was at my side.  The beating became more intimate.  Soon He was holding me up as He wrung the last cries of sweet pain from His exhausted pet.  I shook viciously.  The sheer relief in my soul broke me, and I clung to Him as tears streamed down my face.

Did He understand how much I loved and trusted Him?  Did He see how very vulnerable and helpless I am to Him?  Did He know that only He sates my mind, body, and soul?

All that happened after...I can not bring myself to share.  Those moments are too intimate, too sweet, too private.  He did things no one had ever done or even thought to do.  The tenderness and loving care He gave me that night will forever be a part of my soul that I will never relinquish.

Every moment I share with M, he ruins me further.  Our light.  Our dark.  Those beautiful strands surround and protect us.  They bind us together, and together we find our harmony.

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