Friday, April 5, 2013

No Pass for Emotionally Abusive Women

~A Rant~

Why the FUCK does everyone feel sorry for an emotionally abusive woman?  I've seen this phenomena over and over again the last couple of years in multiple relationships with different partners both vanilla and kink dynamics.  And quite honestly I'm sick and disgusted by it.  It's even WORSE when it's a white woman with a Black Man and innocently plays the race card as a stark contrast that she's so helpless.  She can do whatever she wants, however she wants, say whatever she wants to Him or against Him...and it's met with awwww...isn't that cute or ohhhh...poor baby.  YET...if the table was reversed and the Man did the exact same thing...He would be labeled an evil moster.

Well guess what you stupid, deceitful, manipulative bitches...YOU are just as evil and just as much monsters as the guys that prey on women's weakness and do everything they can to destroy a woman's mental and emotional strength.  Hell...maybe you're even more evil because you're a demon in sheep's clothing.  But guess what?  You don't get a fucking pass from me.  You won't get my sympathy.  You won't get my compassion.

How hard is this concept to grasp?!?  It is NOT okay to emotional abuse your partner!  Whether it is a man or a woman.  Just because He is a Man and society views Him as stronger, doesn't mean He deserves to be treated like shit and tormented for your entertainment or because of your poor self-esteem or inner pain.  GET FUCKING HELP!!!!  Sweetly crying and saying I don't mean to be like that doesn't mean shit to me.  Why?  Because you'll do it again and again and again.  Because you take every opportunity to gain sympathy for your "plight" rather than accept responsibility and take accountability.

"My past..." "My past..."  Shut the fuck up.  We all have pasts.  We've all been hurt.  Men and woman.  Would a Man get a pass if He treated a good woman like shit because the last one was...I YOU?!?  I have a past.  I've been hurt.  And guess the fuck what...LOVING a someone NEVER means you do everything in your power to destroy them mentally and emotionally.  If a Man hurt you physically, you'd be the first to dial 9-1-1 in a heartbeat.  But it's completely acceptable for you to viciously and intentionally beat on a Man with words?!?  REALLY?!?  Do you do that to your kids?  Do you do that to your parents?  Do you do that to your friends???  Would you take a knife to Him and stab Him?  No?  Why not?  It's the same fucking thing!

Our Men should be LOVED.  HONORED.  CHERISHED.  They are not our emotional, mental, and verbal PUNCHING BAGS!!!!!!!!!!

For the male victims of this kind of abuse...GET HELP!  This is NOT how love should be!  Not even in the D/s world.


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