Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Laying on my back.
Full breasts trembling.
Thick, pale thighs spread.

Lush cunt lips glisten.
A perfect frame.
To that dark pink dripping slit.


Only you can give me.
What I so desperately crave.
What I have always craved.

A deep unbreakable love.
Protected and nurtured.

An absolute passion.
That claims without hesitation.

An all consuming pleasure.
That devours my body, mind, and soul.

A pure fierce cruelty.
That devours my complete submission.


I am yours to destroy.
I am yours to create.
The blank canvas you've longed to own.

Engulf me in your white hot flame.
I surrender to your non-existent mercy.
My tears splatter the canvas.

Stain me further with your harsh strokes.
Only under your brutal hands will I crumble.
Hear my cries echo in your soul.

Let us burn in the dark fire of beasts.
Entwined in madness.
Ruined and magnificent as One.

For nowhere else.
Except in each other.
Will we find such utter peace.

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