Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daddy's Arms

There's nothing like Daddy's arms.
Tight and protective around me.
The warm shelter of His embrace.

Within them I am free.
To soar so high.
To love deep and true.

Peace like I've never known.
Sweet joy blooms.
And old wounds fade.

Where He dries my salty tears.
Inspires my silly laughter.
And coaxes my sweet breathless surrender.

In Daddy's arms,
I am transformed.
I find my destiny.

He is my hope.
His love my anchor.
His arms my home.


  1. I truly loved this piece. There is nothing better than that connection.

  2. Thank you Mark. That connection... ~sigh~ That absolute trust and intamacy is something I've ached for all my life. It leaves me breathless and filled with absolute peace. :-)