Sunday, November 11, 2012


I am owned.

His canvas to paint.
His slave to command.
His victim to torture.

My love.
My passion.
My tears.
My pain.

All His.

I've surrendered completely.
My walls have tumbled.
I am stripped bare.

My heart.
In His hands.

My submission.
At His feet.

All that I am.
Is on His leash.

He is my Alpha.
My Omega.
My Heaven.
My Hell.

I no longer hide.
He refuses to let me run.
My hand in His.
As He leads us through our journey.

My loyalty.
My trust.
My mind.
My body.

All His.

For Him I am soft and brave.
Because of Him I hope and love.
With Him I am wanton and depraved.

I am His obedient pet by His side.
I am His nasty whore in His bed.

I am His babygirl.
Who plays in fountains as He watches over.

I am His property.
That He uses and abuses at will.

I am owned.

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