Sunday, May 22, 2011

Past My Limits

My lover's recent curiosity about a fetish inadvertently touched on something that genuinely pushes me past my  Which was quite a surprise for me in that I can usually quickly get a handle on how to approach/accept things.  Watersports.

I've thought a lot about this new possibility, and the amazing d/s play potential associated with such a relatively simple act.    But every time i've walked through the different options in my mind, I have no choice but to admit that if this was something he wanted, I would have to completely submit physically, emotionally, and mentally.  I would be completely vulnerable if not damn near fragile.  Because of whatever ingrained habits or perceptions I hold, I know that to be a part of any type of watersport activities, they would have to play out like this in some way shape or I can't find any position of strength for me to hold on to.  But most of all in thinking this through, it made me realize just how fucking much he gives me when he allows my Domme to have her way.

The D/S aspect is what rocks me deep inside and would put me completely at his mercy.

We've just finished a good, hard dirty fuck.  You've gotten up to take off the condom while i'm on the bed feeling relaxed and at ease....

"Baby, come here for a minute."  I slowly drag myself off the bed to walk over and stand naked in the doorway of the bathroom.  He leans over and kisses me - slow and sweet.  Brushes my cheek.  Traces my ear.  Then whispers..."Will you do a little something for Daddy Kitten?"

Mmmmmmm...i reach out and wrap my hand around his thick dick.  Of course Daddy....what can i give you?

With one hand he slowly grasps my wrist.  The other hand he slides to the small of my back.  And in another hushed quiet tone..."Sit.  I want to watch you and touch you while it happens."  I instinctually try to pull back.  He refuses to grant me space and instead pulls me closer and nips at my neck and shoulder.  Softly..."It's okay.  Don't run baby.  I won't let you run. It's your turn to be pushed.  It's your turn to be vulnerable."

I'm breathless.  Please baby...It's too much.

His hand slides reassuringly up and down my back.  "Maybe...but I'm a greedy bastard, and I want something no man has ever experienced nor will ever experience.  I want you to share yourself with me in a way that truly pushes past your normal boundaries.  Just like you've done to me again and again."  He wraps his arms around me.  "Don't think. Do.  For me."

Yes. Daddy.  Of course.

I slowly sit down on the seat.  My legs closed.  My face away from him.  He kneels in front of me and places his hand under my chin.  "No.  Don't hide from me...from what we share.  Look at me.  Watch me watch you."  I meet his eyes.  He rests a hand on each of my knees.  "Now spread your legs for Daddy, Kitten, and lean back."  His hands push my legs apart wide.  I'm completely open.  Vulnerable.  Exposed.  "There you go baby.  Oh yes...i can see that swollen clit where I've suck and rubbed you well.  Fuck you're a sexy bitch."  He meets my eyes..."MY sexy bitch, isn't that right?  After this you will know absolutely that I...AM....YOUR....Daddy.  That you are MY fucking whore.  Isn't that right?"

Breathless....yes...oh yes...

His hand slides up my thigh and between my legs.  So fucking lightly he slips through my folds and against my clit.  My thighs are shaking.  His other hand wraps around my neck and slowly tightens just enough.  "Relax baby. Give Daddy that hot golden rain. Show me..."

I'm shaking as I watch his face while he touches and stares at me so fucking intimately.  Slowly it starts..."Yes....Oh yes...." His soaked fingers become firmer touching me in a way no man has ever fucking dared.  "Fuck yes..."  He meets my eyes.  His hand grasps my chin forcing me to acknowledge his absolute control and dominance. The rain becomes harder...steadier...a fucking stream. "Say it...say it.  Who's your fucking Daddy? Who's whore are you?"

You're my Daddy.  I'm your whore.

"'re my beautiful fucking bitch, aren't you?  MINE...."

He gets up. I'm shaking, breathless, lost...I hear him wash his hands.  Then he kneels in front of me again to clean me with a warm wet washcloth. He pulls my head to his shoulder as he so gently takes care of me.  "You're mine." And the sweet tears of his shattered and vulnerable whore start to quietly slide down my cheek.

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