Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unfiltered with Claws

"Sex Machine"
"The most orgasmic carbon based life form I have ever met."

Funny how many catch phrases I garner, yet I'm getting fucked less than anyone I know.  Yes, I likely have the potential to be all of those things in the right circumstances with the right partner.  But maybe that's just a whore's version of happily ever after.  lol  While those closest to me are simply teasing, it's funny how so many assume that because I have a profile on FetLife or write on Blogger, they can send me an introductory email that pretty much asks me to use, abuse, and/or get them off.  Really?

What I'm not is...

A number.
A name on a list.
A member of a fan club.

A trick monkey to entertain you.
An amusement park ride.
A vacation from reality.

Just a name in a chat box.
Just a phone call to soothe your ego.
Just a picture to beat off to.

I can be a cold bitch.
I'm not saying I need flowers and chocolates.

But I'm more than just a what you want to see.

I'm more than a pair of tits.
I'm more than a dripping cunt.
I'm more than a hard clit.
I'm more than a hot willing asshole.

I'm not the average whore.
And I'm definitely not Your whore, when you know nothing about me.

To get the best of me requires time, some effort, a whole lot of patience, trust, and honesty, as well intention and focus.  Yeah...I know.  That's a lot.  I'm not saying I'm worth it, but without all definitely wouldn't be worth it to me.
~Not Wasting My Time

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