Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jumping Off the Cliff to Fly

We've been poised on the edge of this cliff for a while now.  There's been no going back.  The harsh winter winds battered us and tested our resolve, but we never once stopped holding hands.  As the worst sliced at my worn, exhausted mind and heart the last two days, I cried out in fear and pain from the howling monsters and their punishing blows, but Daddy was there.  He held firm.

"A man man sticks and stays.  I am a Man."
"I won't be on this ride alone.  You will be with me every step of the way."
"I'm looking forward to the future with you by my side."
"I need you."

The closer we've come to the edge of that deep chasm and the longer we stood in the cold winter, the more numb I became as my blood thickened, my mind tired, and my heartbeat slowed.  I needed His fierce words, His pledges, His promises like I needed Him to squeeze my hand with all His might.  With His words I found strength and courage and clarity.

I held viciously to my faith, my hope, and my unquestionable belief in us and everything we're reaching to build and achieve.  I won't run.  I'll never run.  I submitted to Him and to everything I feel for Him.  That Man holds my heart in his strong, steady palm.  He holds my leash.  He holds my future and my destiny.

Today...the brutal winds have finally died down, and the warm updrafts we've been waiting so damn long to fly on have finally begun to blow.

His book that we've worked SO hard for is about to launch at midnight tonight, and I finally have an interview there next week that I hope to nail.

It's been a long winter.  It's been a long five years of walking through harsh terrain.  It's time for us to fly!  Together we have what it takes to fly high in the sun and dance through the clouds.  We're ready.  We've worked hard.  We've sacrificed.  But most of all, we never let go of each other.

I so hope that in a just a short amount of time, I can meet my Daddy at the theater after work to catch a movie.  That this Spring my Owner can take his giddy pet exploring Central Park.  That my Man can show His woman the Temple of Dendur and the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Army Plaza.  I want to go back to the little Mexican place in the village where we had our first date.  I want to dip my toes once again in the fountain at Washington Square Park and kiss my Daddy in the fine mist under a bright blue sky.

The life together we've both been working towards is coming closer and closer, and I can't wait to fly with Him on His leash. ~sigh~ :-)

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