Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cliff

I found the courage
To fall in love again.  

I avoided that breath-taking edge.
For so very long.
I believed there would never be another.
Who would tempt me.

To dream and hope.
To risk so much of myself.
To put everything on the line.

Yet, I slowly slid
Down that deep, terrifying cliff.  

When I'd grasp onto a hold.
To stop my frightening decent.
He'd whisper to me.
And I'd feel myself let go again to fall further.

Now, I am helpless and vulnerable.
At the base of that inescapable cliff.

I dare to hope.
I want to dream.
I give all that I am.

I stand strong.
My soul stripped bare.  
Exposed, raw, and tender.
At His mercy.

I tremble with fear.
Yet committed to my choice.
To face the unknown.
And take a chance at love.

Under the shadow.
Of that sheer, immovable cliff.

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