Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Goodbyes said. Tears slide. I feel naked without Him, like my warmth has been stripped from my soul. I want to turn around. I want to begin not go back. He melted my heart when he pointed to the screen and said "I pictured us." He made me weak when he pulled me to him and told me he loved me. He brought me to tears when he wrapped his arms around me and told me how very much he hoped that the steps we're taking bring me to Him. He inspired me to bow my head in submission when He laid His Dominance over me.

I can deny Him nothing. He holds the Masterkey to all that is me. With a touch of His hand He can bring me to my knees or make my heart soar. 

I am at my strongest with Him and my most vulnerable to Him. 

Peace. Harmony. Happiness. A few moments of those that I am ever grateful for as I turn around to wage war on the practicalities of my life so that our dreams can begin. 

I love Him. My M. My Daddy. My best friend.  And I fucking hate that i won't be there tonight for Him. To love Him. To share with Him. To simply breathe next to Him. 

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